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one sweet year

To say that the year two-thousand and twelve taught me a lot would be like saying that the ocean is deep–a gross understatement!  On January 5th, 2012 I gave my notice at the landscape architecture firm where I had worked for eight years, took a deep breath and devoted myself full-time to the world of weddings.  It was scary, to be sure…the financial uncertainty, the insecurity of being a newcomer in an inside industry, the fear of screwing up the most important day of two people’s lives…but I stuck to the attitude that what is meant to be, will be.  From the beginning I decided that to build a brand that I was proud of, I didn’t want to take every single wedding that came my way.  Yes, it would have meant more money in the bank, but it wasn’t going to allow me to develop my style, my creative voice.  I was so lucky this year to have been approached by amazing couples and amazing colleagues, which afforded me the opportunity to create, to plan and to execute events that I am so proud of.

I’d like to wrap up my first year and look forward to the coming one by looking back on my work that was published around the web.  I am filled with pride and joy when my “babies” hit the web, it’s like proof that I’m making the right decisions and that what I have chosen to do with my life resonates with others.  Cheers, to a 2013 that exceeds imagination!

And, coming soon to Floridian WeddingsAllison and Kaleb’s Fern Forest Nature Center wedding.  Also, be sure to check out Amanda & Lloyd on Lara Rios’ blog and Mari & Neil on Becca Borge’s blog!